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For new or beginner level players, we recommend individual training twice a week to see tangible results more quickly and to cater to each unique player’s capabilities.

Monthly Packages:

  • $490/month: Twice-a-week training session (8 sessions/month)

  • $341/month: Weekly training session + bonus session (5 sessions/month)

For monthly package sessions, we will accommodate and rebook session dates for holidays, school breaks and travel with advance notice. Please see our 24-hour cancellation and late arrival policy below.

Single Purchase:

$75 per 60-minute session (1-3 Students)


Group training and clinics are a good option for intermediate to advanced players who currently play together or have completed enough individual training to workout with others.

Group (4-6 students): $60 per student, 60-minute session.

Clinic (7-15 students): $50 per student, 60-minute session.

Contact us to inquire about reduced rates for longer clinic/group training sessions.

Club Team Coaching

Contact us to inquire about club team coaching.

Booking Policies

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy to rebook your training session without penalty, based upon availability.

NO shows will be charged 100% of their training fee.

Late Arrival

We suggest arriving 5-10 minutes before your scheduled training session to warmup and avoid losing training time due to late arrival. Late arrivals are responsible for their lost time and expenses. Session costs will not be reduced or delayed due to late arrival. Training session appointments should be honored for all parties to keep on schedule.