In the 2018-2019 school year, we support three FAM Elite AAU teams (27 athletes) and three development teams (26 athletes). 40% of our AAU players cannot afford to play without full financial support from Houston F.A.M. 360 Inc. Our expenses include:

  • FAM Team Expenses: tournament fees, team travel (flight + hotel expenses) that vary from team to team, and season to season)

  • FAM Facility, Administration and Staff Costs: facility management, utilities, supplies, coaching, memberships, etc.

  • FAM Gear: Bag, warm ups, shooting jersey, shorts and socks, etc. about

The cost per player is about $2,000, PLUS additional long-distance travel expenses.

Why Donate?

The Basketball F.A.M. LLC operates a 501(c)3 nonprofit called Houston F.A.M. 360 Inc., to support the players of its AAU Teams in the greater Houston area, per Amateur Athletic Union of the United States, Inc. regulations.

Aside from the physical support for our teams, we also provide mentorship by incorporating college tours at tournament travel locations that inspire academic achievement along with sportsmanship. We also give back to our local Houston community through service projects with our teams: Back to School supply drive, clothing and toy drives for children, and serving meals to the homeless.

Every dollar you donate to Houston F.A.M. 360 Inc. is tax-deductible. We receives no federal, state or city funding, and rely on fundraising support from individuals, companies and foundations to support our mission to cultivate athletes who can perform on and off the court. Read more about us mission here.