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AAU Teams

Meet our “FAM Elite” 17U, 16U, 15U AAU teams! We build teams from the player’s perspective to maximize individual athlete skills that benefit the greater team. We offer concentrated coaching, with a hands-on 1 to 3 coach-to-player ratio.

True to our name, we create a basketball family “feel” within our teams that is unique in the competitive AAU atmosphere.


The Teams

Every year, we strive to build and coach three AAU teams that compete at the highest levels in Houston and across the U.S. Learn more about what it takes for Houston F.A.M. 360 to develop the most competitive players.


FAM Elite 2020 (17U) Head Coach: Sei Paye

11th Grade in 2018-19 Academic Year



FAM Elite 2021 (16U)

10th Grade in 2018-19 Academic Year


FAM Elite 2022 (15U)

9th Grade in 2018-19 Academic Year