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The Basketball F.A.M.

Fundamentals. Athleticism. Mechanics.

What is the Basketball F.A.M?

Fundamentals. Athleticism. Mechanics.

A collective basketball family, The FAM.

We foster unique relationships with our athletes by nurturing players in a collegial atmosphere. Our collective knowledge of the game and experience as college and professional athletes gives us the ability to mentor and push athletes to new heights in a relevant way.

Building character is important to us, through positive motivation and setting high standards for each athlete to reach their full potential. With discipline and gratitude, our athletes seek victory and excel both on and off the court. 

What does The F.A.M. do?

We offer individual, group and team training that specializes in developing elite athletes and maximizing basketball IQ. Check out our offerings here.

AAU Teams

Through our nonprofit organization Houston FAM 360 Inc., we coach three β€œFAM Elite” teams (17U, 16U, 15U)that participate in the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States (AAU). Learn more about our AAU teams here.

Development Teams

To build the best athletes and AAU teams in Houston, we recruit and train basketball players starting in 4th grade (age 10) through 8th grade (age 14). Find out more about joining a development team here.

What’s up with The F.A.M.

Keep up with us in the greater Houston area.